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Calcium aluminate is a gray white powder. The main ingredients are two calcium aluminate (2A1203 / CaO) and a calcium aluminate (A1203 CaO) mixture. Slightly soluble in water, aqueous solution is alkaline, pH value is about 11.

Aluminum acid calcium and inorganic acid reaction activity is very high, can start at room temperature. Heat and rapid temperature rise, alumina leaching rate can reach over 90%, and use it to produce liquid or solid aluminum chloride can simplify the process, reduce the cost, improve the quality of products, raw materials at home and abroad, the majority of polyaluminium chloride is used by manufacturers of.

Application range:

Calcium aluminate is mainly used in the production of aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, sodium aluminate and other aluminum salt products. Can also be used for alkali adjustment, can also be used for refractory materials.

Quality standard:

At present, our country still has no unified quality standard, the production test and so on are all according to our company O / GWDGS001 - 1999 standard execution.

Usage method:

The reaction of calcium aluminate with hydrochloric acid can be made by one step:

WHcl = [2.147 (1-B), AAlo, n ten 1.304Acao]. W/AHC

Formula: WHCl a need to add the weight of hydrochloric acid Ke

W - to add the weight of calcium acid calcium Kg

B the expected products basicity of polyaluminium chloride%

Content of alumina in calcium aluminate Aal2O3

Content of oxidation in calcium aluminate AcaO

Content of hydrogen chloride in Ahc1- hydrochloric acid

N - dissolution rate%

Production, the first reaction pool to add water, turn on the mixing slurry, and then add the hydrochloric acid, diluted to the required concentration, and then slowly add calcium aluminate reaction. During the reaction, the temperature in the pool will gradually increase. When more than 110 degrees C, the amount of water can be suppressed, so that the reaction is not caused by the intense and overflow pool. Add water to a small amount of several times. To maintain the normal temperature required. After the calcium aluminate, and then reaction for 2 hours, more than 3 test paper PH, can be diluted with water to a density of 1.25 - 1, 26, discharge to the sedimentation tank after precipitation, the supernatant for liquid products, but also in the dryer, solid polymeric aluminum chloride products.

Transportation, packaging and storage:

The company's products are made of plastic woven bags, each bag net weight 50+1Kg

Transportation and storage should be kept dry. Waterproof, moisture-proof. In case of water blocking, shall be treated with.