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Detailed content:

I plant a large supply of aluminum ash (AD powder) with different aluminum content.

Product features:

1, beneficial ingredients, low harmful ingredients.

2, fineness of 150 mesh or more, can be used directly.

3, the product price is low, is to do the metallurgical raw materials of high quality raw materials.


Gongyi bright metallurgical auxiliary material factory

Calcium aluminate, covering agent, metal aluminum ash, pre melting refining slag, sintering refining slag, refining slag Lotion

Welcome to Gongyi city bright metallurgical materials factory, I plant calcium aluminate, refining slag and other products have been widely used in many domestic steel enterprises, calcium aluminate products exported to South Korea, Iran, Istanbul, Vietnam and other countries, and praise. Contact: Haiwang Road, mobile phone: 13603991563, 13253481000, Tel: 0371-64019999, address: Gongyi City West Village embankment East Industrial Park, welcome you!