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Detailed content:

I plant the production of sintered and premelted refining slag (calcium aluminate) it is made of high quality materials sintering or melting slag with synthesis, rapid, submerged arc, slag inclusions, absorption desulfurization effect, have the effect of deoxidation and desulfuration is very strong, can reduce the gas in steel, reduce the inclusion in steel. The product is the selection of a variety of raw materials of sintering or melting, generated by 12CaO 7Al2O3 as the main mineral, its content is more than 85%, a large number of calcification composition of oxygen and sulfur can react with molten steel in production of low melting point easy to float, achieve the purpose of purifying liquid steel. In ladle refining, it can shorten the steelmaking time effectively, and has a strong ability to absorb the non-metallic inclusions in steel, which has a significant effect on the purification of molten steel.

Product features:

1, a reasonable chemical composition, is conducive to slag as soon as possible to shorten the smelting time.

2, because the slag fast, so it can reduce the power consumption of the refining time.

3, reduce the consumption of refractory materials, improve the age of the ladle.

4, has a good effect of desulfurization.

5, because of its low melting point, in argon blowing and furnace taphole process has good adsorption effect of inclusions.

6, ingredients stable and uniform, and according to the needs of users of the indicators of production, packaging.

Name content

Calcium oxide 45-50% CaO

Three oxidation of two aluminum 35-40% Al2O3

Silica <=4% SiO2

Sulfur <=0.1% S