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The basic function of refining slag is to carry out desulfurization and deoxidation of molten steel, absorb impurities in molten steel, so as to purify molten steel, foaming and submerged arc to prevent molten steel absorption and insulation. Through the function of refining slag is divided into basic slag, fluxing agent, foaming agent, through the comprehensive effect of each part to obtain a low melting point, viscosity, foaming, deoxidation and desulfurization and impurity absorption effect, to ensure the good metallurgical effect. The following about its performance and influencing factors, give you a brief analysis:

1, melting point. The melting point of refining slag is generally within the range of 1300--1500 degrees celsius.

2, viscosity. The viscosity of the slag is directly related to its melting point and temperature.

3. Foaming properties. The foaming properties of refining slag are related to the viscosity, surface tension and density of slag, and are generally measured by foaming index.

4, desulfurization, deoxygenation and adsorption properties of impurities. The process of deoxidation, desulfurization and adsorption of impurities in refining slag is a diffusion chemical and physical process occurring at the interface of slag. Good white slag and suitable amount of slag are important conditions for deoxidation, desulfurization and adsorption of impurities.

The influence of refining slag viscosity on refining of steel. Viscosity is an important performance parameter that must be controlled by refining slag. The viscosity of slag smelting process can be carried out smoothly and has an important effect on the heat and mass transfer, thus the loss in slag deoxidation and desulfurization reaction rate and steel, have an important impact on the lining life etc.. The viscosity of the solute depends mainly on the composition and temperature of the slag. Generally, the viscosity of refining slag for LF furnace should be 0.25-0.5Pa.s.

In addition, the refining slag viscosity will change with temperature, slag slag transfer adding amount was 41%, also because of different refining slag, the content of various metal ingredients, especially alumina content has a great influence on the viscosity of slag. Alumina is an amphoteric oxide, in alkaline slag, when the alumina content is less than 10%, had little effect on the viscosity, when the alumina content is more than 10%, with the increase of alumina content, refining slag viscosity increases.

In the practical application of refining slag, it is necessary to strictly control the composition ratio of refining slag, select suitable products for production, ensure that the viscosity can meet the production requirements, with a view to producing better quality steel