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There are mainly 4 types of tundish covering agents: acid covering agent, neutral covering agent, alkaline coating agent, double layer covering agent (bottom is alkaline, top layer is carbonized rice husk). As for the liquid steel cleanliness requirements increase, the tundish covering agent not only limited to its insulation performance, especially in the production of low carbon steel, high aluminum steel, ultra low sulfur steel and other high value-added steel for higher covering agent requirements, requirements caused by steel slag reaction and carburization of molten steel pollution, as far as possible absorption of oxide inclusions in steel.

The melting temperature of tundish covering agent is one of the most important parameters in the design of covering agent, and it is also the premise of measuring whether a covering agent is feasible. Using Factsage calculation software as a guide, by melting point test has been completed by the preparation of high alkalinity low silicon carbon free tundish covering agent research laboratory to determine the reduction of calcium slag, melting temperature package covering agent reasonable preparation scheme for intermediate 1300~1400 C: CaO=40%~45% CaO/ Al2O3=1.0~1.3, Omega Omega Omega, Omega 9%, Omega, SiO2 = MgO=5%~7% CaF2=2%~10%, FeO + Omega Omega Omega, Omega MnO = 1%, Na2O = 6%.