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Gongyi bright metallurgical Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. is located in China's high quality bauxite raw material mining land in the southwest of Gongyi City, Henan Province, is the hometown of Shi Sheng Du Fu, south of the beautiful scenery of the central mountain in Songshan, the north by the Longhai railway, Lian Huo high-speed and 310 National Road, convenient transportation, bauxite resources are rich. For more than ten years, our factory has trained a large number of professional talents with the help of scientific research units and users. On the basis of extensive absorption of advanced production technology, we have developed a complete set of perfect production technology and built a reliable quality assurance system; at present, it has grown to have new product development, trial production, and the development of new products. Professional manufacturer of Metallurgical Accessories for production capacity and quality assurance system.

Gongyi bright Metallurgical Accessories Co., Ltd. has fixed assets of more than 1300 million yuan, from production technology, technical force to testing equipment, research and development of new products are all their peers. At present, more than 30000 tons of sintered refining slag has been produced in the year, more than 25000 tons of pre melting refining slag and more than 10000 tons of refining slag powder with different fineness are processed annually, and aluminum ash (AD powder) with different metal aluminum content and alumina content over 80% is supplied in the year. Our products have been widely used in many domestic steel enterprises. Some products are exported to South Korea, Iran, Istanbul, Vietnam, Italy, Germany and other countries, and are well received.